What We Do

We’re yet another group of developers, however, we have a penchant for user-focused software that exceeds expectations and could be considered hassle free 😉

We also have a penchant for bad jokes at times, so don’t judge us too harshly. In the past we’ve done major refactoring of existing websites in order to move service providers, built mobile applications from the ground up using device native code, fixed bugs and added features in existing production applications, as well as managed a few of our own projects that became more interesting over time.

This all means we have built a skillset in bringing an idea from the beginning stages to fruition, all the while touching base with the client and ensuring the project is moving in a direction they’re fond of.

Contact Us

If you wish to speak with us about an idea you want made a reality, or an existing project you would like help on, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any of the following points of contact:

The following aren’t exactly points of contact, but are links relevant to HassleFree Solutions:




Tron is our longest lasting and most worked on project over the years. It’s a Discord chat bot that uses the Discord.js Commando framework to make things a bit more enjoyable on a server.

Nearly all of the commands added to the bot were suggestions from users at one point or another. Either by posting on the official Discord server, or by using the +suggestion command.

Invite Tron to your server here 😊

Savior Energy Solutions, Inc.


Savior Energy, Inc. is a commercial lighting contractor and retrofitter in Northern California with a specialty in energy efficient lighting. No matter the size of your project, their experienced professionals will plan, design, supply, and install the best lighting system to fit your needs.

For this project, we were tasked with relocating the company’s website from the Web.com service to the Wix.com web hosting service. The services were specifically requested by the client and we had the website ready for use and published within a week and a half.

Stoneleigh Consulting


Stoneleigh Consulting is a national payments company that specializes in free credit card processing. We were initially contracted to fix some existing issues with how their website was displayed on mobile and to add a few buttons that would make navigating their list of services much easier. After this, they asked us to continue working on the site and adding more features, fixing more problems, and fine-tuning more aspects of the site.

Now, we maintain the site and add new features as requested while making sure to keep their site stable and informative. We’ve also helped with producing sales brochures or PDF’s for clients to apply to the NFA program.



Enmeti is a small extension for Visual Studio Code that makes it easier to insert links or images in Markdown files. It does this by using a keybinding or manually invoking the insertLink command, which will trigger the steps to either insert a link with reference text, or replace your currently selected text with the syntax for a link and turn it into the reference text.

A better way of describing it would be to show by example:

NOTE: If you’re unable to see the gif below clearly, you can right click it and select Open image in new tab and it will show the full size.


The Team



Primary Java/Android and Node developer, helps teach new members how to work with our various projects.

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Our friendly neighborhood C#/.NET Framework developer.

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Developer in training.